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The last registered MWS sessions

30/11/2021 - Imotep33 has sailed at Font d'Urle
30/11/2021 - den has sailed at Windekind
30/11/2021 - Nefastus has sailed at Jameos del Agua
30/11/2021 - mnx has sailed at Le Cormier

The last registered MWS riders

cottarel1 is registered since 20/11/2021
Rukra is registered since 08/11/2021
BrewThib is registered since 31/10/2021
Grobby, OLivYeah are registered since 29/10/2021
Fred66 is registered since 26/10/2021

The last registered spots

The last pictures of sessions

Patrickite (28/11/2021, Los Lances)
drope (28/11/2021, La Coudoulière)
Chazelb2 (28/11/2021, Sainte-Adresse)
Patrickite (27/11/2021, Playa de la Regla)
Javier Barba (27/11/2021, Valdelagrana (Los Toruños))
Patrickite (26/11/2021, Los Lances)
Patrickite (25/11/2021, Los Lances)
Gilles (23/11/2021, Langrolay-sur-Rance)
Patrickite (21/11/2021, La Loteta Sur)
Roberto_esp41 (19/11/2021, Fuentebravia)
Patrickite (19/11/2021, Los Genoveses)
Javier Barba (18/11/2021, Valdelagrana (Los Toruños))
marc.lacoste (18/11/2021, Pointe Saint-Gildas)
Patrickite (17/11/2021, La Loteta Sur)
Roberto_esp41 (16/11/2021, Pejinas)
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Ceci est ma 2nde infobulle
Ceci est ma 3ème infobulle

The last events on MWS

18/11/2021 - LALO has a new fan
17/11/2021 - tanggg added the spot Vierville (France, Calvados)

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The most followed MWS riders

Loopyloop13, BAD are followed by 24 riders/fans
JR29 is followed by 18 riders/fans
Mac, Lio are followed by 13 riders/fans
Homerdusud, sput are followed by 12 riders/fans
OLY, ben-tz are followed by 11 riders/fans