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The last registered MWS sessions

20/10/2021 - lol101, windsurfvtt, [private] have sailed at Antifer
20/10/2021 - sylvain0303, mnx, [private] have sailed at Mazerolles-La Bézirais
20/10/2021 - windyyet has sailed at Sherkston Shores
20/10/2021 - LuisOM has sailed at Torre Valentina
20/10/2021 - Roberto_esp41 has sailed at El Palmar

The last registered MWS riders

aurelien4426 is registered since 06/10/2021
charlidontsurf is registered since 30/09/2021
[private] is registered since 20/09/2021
Sail_Line is registered since 15/09/2021
Floflo29 is registered since 08/09/2021

The last registered spots

The last pictures of sessions

LuisOM (20/10/2021, Torre Valentina)
Patrickite (20/10/2021, La Loteta Norte)
Patrickite (19/10/2021, La Loteta Norte)
pierrre (19/10/2021, La Descenderie)
Gilles (19/10/2021, Saint-Suliac)
Javier Barba (19/10/2021, Valdelagrana (Los Toruños))
Narbo (17/10/2021, La Ganguise)
Patrickite (16/10/2021, Los Lances)
Patrickite (15/10/2021, Valdevaqueros)
Patrickite (14/10/2021, Los Lances)
Javier Barba (14/10/2021, Valdelagrana (Los Toruños))
Patrickite (12/10/2021, Los Lances)
Javier Barba (12/10/2021, Valdelagrana (Los Toruños))
Patrickite (11/10/2021, Caños de Meca)
Gilles (11/10/2021, Lancieux)
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The last events on MWS

20/10/2021 - pierrre contributed to MWS through its support
20/10/2021 - Patrickite added the spot Balneario (Spain, Cádiz, Tarifa)
16/10/2021 - Xav76 has modified the spot Saint-Raphaël (France, Var)
11/10/2021 - JR29 added the spot Laboe (Germany)

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Loopyloop13, BAD are followed by 24 riders/fans
JR29 is followed by 18 riders/fans
Mac, Lio are followed by 13 riders/fans
Homerdusud, sput are followed by 12 riders/fans
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