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Type :
Windsurf (Freeride)
Rider :
Date :
05/07/2020 [Sunday]
Spot :
Start :
End :
Duration :
Wind :
15 at 27 kts South-West
Waves :
0.20 m
Speed :
29.54 kts
Highest jump :
0.50 m
Distance :
36.00 km
500m :
22.70 kts
Mark :
Rrd Freestylewave
Select freeride denk ik 34.0
severne S-1 5.3
Point 7 c80 rdm 400
Just after the rain had a nice short session. Wind was very good, only sometimes a bit to weak for the 5.3 but mostly fine until strong. Used summer wetsuit again and that was nice. Boaz and Luca joined but Boaz did not like the wind a lot while swimming.
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