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Type :
Windsurf (Waves)
Rider :
Date :
28/06/2020 [Sunday]
Spot :
Start :
End :
Duration :
Wind :
20 at 30 kts South-West
Waves :
1.50 m
Speed :
20.00 kts
Highest jump :
4.00 m
Distance :
35.00 km
Mark :
Fanatic quad
Gaastra Manic 4.0
Point 7 c80 rdm 400
Went to Noordweg. Very very nice session, super enthousiastic, best of the year so far. Waves were nice, not high but nicely ordered. Went to Noordweg. First gained height and got to the sandbank at same height as lighthouse. Waves were breaking nicely.
Temperature was very good, I could have used the summer wetsuit. Played around a lot in the waves, finally got my jumps working well again and enjoyed that a lot too. Last 30 minutes in front of Noordweg where the waves were arriving in lines too.

Whole family joined and had a good time on the beach and dunes.
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