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The last registered MWS sessions...

22/01/2020 - Sysmo has sailed at La Falaise
22/01/2020 - [private] has sailed at Saint-Pabu
22/01/2020 - Superseb has sailed at Palm Beach
22/01/2020 - Nefastus has sailed at Jameos del Agua
22/01/2020 - gagardu29 has sailed at Cale de Poss'Du

The last registered MWS riders...

[private], cotcot, Jules roueil are registered since 16/01/2020
Vini22440 is registered since 15/01/2020
AWA10 is registered since 14/01/2020
vinzlol, goncalvesss are registered since 13/01/2020
Sysmo is registered since 10/01/2020

The last registered spots...

The last pictures of sessions...

Roberto_esp41 (21/01/2020, Caños de Meca)
marc.lacoste (21/01/2020, Le Spot)
babar86300 (21/01/2020, Vert Bois)
miralvent (19/01/2020, Ocatavent)
.mickael. (19/01/2020, Plage des Briantais)
Patrickite (18/01/2020, La Loteta Norte)
JR29 (18/01/2020, Blancs Sablons)
Roberto_esp41 (17/01/2020, Yerbabuena)
Kkite (17/01/2020, Gâvres)
Protec films (17/01/2020, Toulindac)
Roberto_esp41 (16/01/2020, Pejinas)
tanggg (16/01/2020, Hatainville)
jeeve (16/01/2020, Lery-Poses)
Kkite (16/01/2020, Le Mentor)
Kkite (14/01/2020, Les Crevettes)

The last events on MWS...

21/01/2020 - ralaoups added marks to the spot La Franqui (France, Aude, Leucate)
21/01/2020 - ralaoups added a comment about the spot La Franqui (France, Aude, Leucate)
21/01/2020 - ralaoups has modified the services for Les Coussoules (France, Aude, Leucate)
18/01/2020 - BZH has modified the spot Port Saint-Jean (France, Ille-et-Vilaine)
18/01/2020 - BZH has modified the spot Locmiquel (France, Morbihan, Larmor-Baden)

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The most challenged MWS riders...

Loopyloop13, Homerdusud are challenged by 10 riders
JR29, ben-tz, Averell Dalton, chtilaurent, Yoda are challenged by 7 riders
Joe Dalton, Guillaupe, Lio, William Dalton, pti-ju are challenged by 6 riders
Lumumba, laulau44, Pierreafond, grutier35, TropFlex are challenged by 5 riders
refutribor, butch, yanns, paulo56, vento29 are challenged by 4 riders