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The last registered MWS sessions...

06/06/2020 - [private] has sailed at Les Sables d'Olonne
06/06/2020 - [private] has sailed at Le Havre (Port)
06/06/2020 - bauerben has sailed at Brouel
05/06/2020 - [private] has sailed at Les Sables d'Olonne
05/06/2020 - sebius has sailed at Piedemont

The last registered MWS riders...

Billy_V is registered since 04/06/2020, GBOUS are registered since 03/06/2020
timal is registered since 30/05/2020
stev7942 is registered since 18/05/2020
vnourrit is registered since 16/05/2020

The last registered spots...

The last pictures of sessions...

drope (05/06/2020, Carro)
.mickael. (05/06/2020, Plage des Briantais)
Patrickite (05/06/2020, La Loteta Sur)
.mickael. (04/06/2020, Plage des Briantais)
Patrickite (04/06/2020, La Loteta Sur)
Patrickite (03/06/2020, La Loteta Sur)
LuisOM (03/06/2020, S'Agaró)
.mickael. (01/06/2020, Plage des Briantais)
yvo (01/06/2020, Le minihic sur rance - plage de Garel)
Kouby (31/05/2020, Antifer)
Patrickite (31/05/2020, La Loteta Norte)
Kkite (31/05/2020, Penthièvre Baie)
.mickael. (30/05/2020, Saint-Jacut)
Patrickite (30/05/2020, Mas de la Punta)
Francois276 (30/05/2020, Antifer)
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The last events on MWS...

06/06/2020 - bauerben now follows the spot Brouel (France, Morbihan, Ile d'Arz)
02/06/2020 - xavi12p added the spot Miramar (Spain, Valencia)
01/06/2020 - Alcyone35 challenges now nata
30/05/2020 - Patrickite added the spot Ceiton (Spain, Aragón, Caspe)

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The most challenged MWS riders...

Homerdusud is challenged by 11 riders
Loopyloop13 is challenged by 10 riders
ben-tz, Charles, JR29, chtilaurent, remi94 are challenged by 7 riders
Lio, Joe Dalton, William Dalton, Guillaupe, Fred508 are challenged by 6 riders
Lumumba, TropFlex, Pierreafond, grutier35, Enrikem are challenged by 5 riders