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The last registered MWS sessions

10/04/2021 - Seb31 has sailed at Lac Saint-Sernin
10/04/2021 - Nola has sailed at Étang de Thau
10/04/2021 - heflav has sailed at Les Dunes
10/04/2021 - Averell Dalton has sailed at Pors Gelen
10/04/2021 - Javier Barba has sailed at Valdelagrana (Los Toruños)

The last registered MWS riders

bjvderel is registered since 31/03/2021
Fran_Cádiz is registered since 30/03/2021
[private] is registered since 26/03/2021
Julien F67 is registered since 18/03/2021
cvw is registered since 17/03/2021

The last registered spots

The last pictures of sessions

Patrickite (10/04/2021, La Loteta Norte)
Patrickite (09/04/2021, La Loteta Norte)
LuisOM (08/04/2021, S'Agaró)
Patrickite (08/04/2021, La Loteta Norte)
remi94 (07/04/2021, La Vieille Nouvelle)
Patrickite (07/04/2021, La Loteta Sur)
Boulischou (06/04/2021, L'Épine)
Patrickite (06/04/2021, La Loteta Sur)
Gouilhuem (06/04/2021, Le Jaï)
LuisOM (05/04/2021, S'Agaró)
monsieurtoff (05/04/2021, Saint-Jean-de-Mont)
Narbo (05/04/2021, La Nautique)
Boulischou (05/04/2021, L'Épine)
Patrickite (05/04/2021, La Loteta Sur)
Patrickite (04/04/2021, La Loteta Sur)
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The last events on MWS

10/04/2021 - Adrok now follows the spot Vérin (France, Loire, Les Roches-de-Condrieu)
07/04/2021 - OLY now follows the spot Le Petit Travers (France, Hérault, Mauguio)
07/04/2021 - OLY now follows the spot Les Roquilles (France, Hérault, Carnon)
07/04/2021 - Raid has a new fan

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Loopyloop13, BAD are followed by 24 riders/fans
JR29 is followed by 18 riders/fans
Mac, Lio are followed by 13 riders/fans
Homerdusud, sput are followed by 12 riders/fans
OLY, ben-tz are followed by 11 riders/fans