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The last registered MWS sessions...

26/05/2019 - tib14 has sailed at Canal Caen-Ouistreham
25/05/2019 - mnx, monsieurtoff have sailed at Le Pointeau
25/05/2019 - CorSaro has sailed at Éole
25/05/2019 - Tavish has sailed at Port-la-Nouvelle
25/05/2019 - [private] has sailed at Coudalère

The last registered MWS riders...

Pierrefoil17+ is registered since 25/05/2019
nicoloco is registered since 19/05/2019
forty_niner is registered since 16/05/2019
ptrick is registered since 13/05/2019
[private] is registered since 09/05/2019

The last registered spots...

The last pictures of sessions...

Kkite (25/05/2019, Kerhillio)
titi1965 (25/05/2019, Fos-sur-Mer)
Kouby (25/05/2019, Les Coussoules)
Gilles (24/05/2019, Saint-Suliac)
Patrickite (24/05/2019, La Loteta Sur)
Patrickite (23/05/2019, La Loteta Sur)
Got_29 (23/05/2019, Kerguelen)
Totowindsurfer (22/05/2019, Cruas)
Patrickite (22/05/2019, Laredo)
Patrickite (21/05/2019, La Loteta Sur)
CorSaro (21/05/2019, Port-la-Nouvelle (Nord))
Patrickite (20/05/2019, La Loteta Sur)
Narbo (19/05/2019, La Vieille Nouvelle)
Patrickite (19/05/2019, La Loteta Sur)
Patrickite (18/05/2019, La Loteta Sur)

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The most challenged MWS riders...

loopyloop13, Homerdusud are challenged by 10 riders
Charles, wisu, remi94, ben-tz, BAD are challenged by 7 riders
Seb Corsica, JR29, Yoda, William Dalton, Averell Dalton are challenged by 6 riders
Lumumba, Guillaupe, laulau44, Enrikem, chtilaurent are challenged by 5 riders
Lio, paulo56, nando bdn, soto, vento29 are challenged by 4 riders