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The last registered MWS sessions...

15/09/2019 - Arnopadaone has sailed at Pacasmayo
15/09/2019 - marc.lacoste has sailed at Lac de Grand-Lieu
15/09/2019 - Alix has sailed at La Turballe
15/09/2019 - Patrickite has sailed at La Loteta Sur
15/09/2019 - LALO has sailed at Penhors

The last registered MWS riders...

Arnopadaone, chaucreplage are registered since 13/09/2019
Yvan Marcotte is registered since 11/09/2019
begs4399, [private] are registered since 10/09/2019
Ludion is registered since 08/09/2019
pmsup is registered since 01/09/2019

The last registered spots...

The last pictures of sessions...

marc.lacoste (15/09/2019, Lac de Grand-Lieu)
Patrickite (15/09/2019, La Loteta Sur)
Francois276 (14/09/2019, Antifer)
Patrickite (14/09/2019, La Loteta Norte)
Seb Corsica (13/09/2019, Campo dell Oro)
Patrickite (11/09/2019, La Loteta Sur)
PRU (11/09/2019, Wissant)
Patrickite (10/09/2019, La Loteta Sur)
Roberto_esp41 (10/09/2019, Bahía de Cádiz)
remi94 (08/09/2019, Port-la-Nouvelle (Nord))
jitter (08/09/2019, Aérodrome)
Patrickite (08/09/2019, La Loteta Sur)
remi94 (07/09/2019, Port-la-Nouvelle (Nord))
rubio (07/09/2019, Playa Grande/El Castellar)
.mickael. (07/09/2019, Plage des Briantais)

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The most challenged MWS riders...

Loopyloop13, Homerdusud are challenged by 10 riders
wisu, Seb Corsica, Yoda, Averell Dalton, JR29 are challenged by 7 riders
Lio, Joe Dalton, William Dalton, Fred508, Boloss de TZ are challenged by 6 riders
laulau44, Lumumba, Pierreafond, TropFlex, Guillaupe are challenged by 5 riders
soto, vento29, paulo56, refutribor, yanns are challenged by 4 riders