MWS - My Wind Sessions
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The last registered MWS sessions...

25/09/2020 - [private], superfrog have sailed at Le Phare
25/09/2020 - Xav76 has sailed at Saint-Raphaël
25/09/2020 - Gilles has sailed at Saint-Suliac
25/09/2020 - toinou442, [private] have sailed at Le Pointeau
25/09/2020 - Mathieu, youl, [private], marc.lacoste have sailed at Les Rochelets

The last registered MWS riders...

olatour is registered since 24/09/2020
nonolaglisse29 is registered since 15/09/2020
Babilou is registered since 14/09/2020
curtisian35 is registered since 09/09/2020
Makramers is registered since 07/09/2020

The last registered spots...

The last pictures of sessions...

Protec films (25/09/2020, Le Dreven)
pascal56 (25/09/2020, Saint-Colomban)
Chazelb2 (25/09/2020, Sainte-Adresse)
LuisOM (24/09/2020, S'Agaró)
JOHN (23/09/2020, Biarritz)
JOHN (22/09/2020, Biarritz)
JOHN (20/09/2020, Biarritz)
Roberto_esp41 (19/09/2020, Las Redes)
evalaye (18/09/2020, Lac de Pareloup - Le Caussanel)
remi94 (17/09/2020, Vauville)
Protec films (17/09/2020, Toulindac)
Patrickite (17/09/2020, La Loteta Norte)
.mickael. (17/09/2020, Saint-Jacut)
Patrickite (14/09/2020, La Loteta Norte)
Swe-6972 (13/09/2020, Torkelstorp)

The last events on MWS...

26/09/2020 - dani added the spot Westermarkelsdorf (Germany, fehmarn)
26/09/2020 - dani added the spot Altenteil (Germany, fehmarn)
25/09/2020 - olatour now follows the spot Pornichet (France, Loire-Atlantique)

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The most challenged MWS riders...

Homerdusud is challenged by 11 riders
Loopyloop13 is challenged by 10 riders
Charles, Yoda, chtilaurent, ben-tz, JR29 are challenged by 7 riders
Joe Dalton, Lio, William Dalton, Guillaupe, Fred508 are challenged by 6 riders
Pierreafond, Lumumba, TropFlex, grutier35, Enrikem are challenged by 5 riders