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The last registered MWS sessions

24/07/2021 - ptitrobby, thetsuki have sailed at Pont-Mahé
24/07/2021 - GIGI171, SamBzh have sailed at Saint-Suliac
24/07/2021 - tib14 has sailed at L'Aber
24/07/2021 - Redge has sailed at Lancieux
24/07/2021 - Al@@, [private] have sailed at Plage d'Aytré

The last registered MWS riders

palim is registered since 20/07/2021
Kemo is registered since 23/06/2021
Jo80 is registered since 19/06/2021
Maxouille is registered since 15/06/2021
Manu77 is registered since 02/06/2021

The last registered spots

The last pictures of sessions

Kkite (24/07/2021, Linès)
Bilde (23/07/2021, Zeebrugge)
Patrickite (23/07/2021, La Loteta Sur)
Redge (22/07/2021, Lancieux)
Patrickite (22/07/2021, La Loteta Norte)
monsieurtoff (22/07/2021, Mazerolles-L'île)
med (22/07/2021, CMV-Playa Barcelona)
Swe-6972 (20/07/2021, Norra Näs)
monsieurtoff (19/07/2021, Mazerolles-La Bézirais)
Swe-6972 (18/07/2021, Torkelstorp)
Patrickite (17/07/2021, La Braña)
Marceret (17/07/2021, Vauville)
Kemo (17/07/2021, Terenez)
Patrickite (16/07/2021, La Braña)
Patrickite (15/07/2021, Embalse de Ebro)
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The last events on MWS

23/07/2021 - Marceret has completed his profile

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Loopyloop13, BAD are followed by 24 riders/fans
JR29 is followed by 18 riders/fans
Mac, Lio are followed by 13 riders/fans
Homerdusud, sput are followed by 12 riders/fans
OLY, ben-tz are followed by 11 riders/fans