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Type :
Windsurf (Freeride)
Rider :
Date :
28/02/2019 [Thursday]
Spot :
Start :
End :
Duration :
Wind :
18 at 28 kts South/South-West
Mark :
JP Australia FSW 112
Select Progression 38.0
Neilpryde hellcat 6.7
Unknown RDM 430
Difficult to find spot, not very easy access to water (have to sail through boats in harbor).
Super nice session, a bit overpowered at first, but after 1 hour the wind went down and I could try gybes.
Footstraps needs to be adjusted, I will probably go for just 1 back strap (now I have 2).
Couple of gybes went OK only when wind went down, only when going downwind. Upwind gybes are quite tricky.
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