The last registered MWS sessions...
20/04/2019 - Nefastus has sailed at Jameos del Agua
20/04/2019 - Jeanmi has sailed at Le Mérou
20/04/2019 - FLascourreges has sailed at Anse La Raie
20/04/2019 - viking76 has sailed at Hua Hin
20/04/2019 - otaket34 has sailed at Les Roquilles
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c4rtouch is registered since 19/04/2019
Jeff12-57 is registered since 17/04/2019
Hal9000 is registered since 07/04/2019
shangu is registered since 05/04/2019
niloobhau786 is registered since 29/03/2019
The last events on MWS
19/04/2019 - babar86300 added a photo on his/her profile
17/04/2019 - Macbins has recorded his location
17/04/2019 - Jeff12-57 added a photo on his/her profile
15/04/2019 - FredQ now follows the spot Break (France, Nord, Dunkerque)
15/04/2019 - FredQ now follows the spot Wissant (France, Pas-de-Calais)
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The last pictures of sessions...
Seb Corsica (19/04/2019, Porto-Pollo)
Got_29 (19/04/2019, Le Morne lagoon)
Javier Barba (18/04/2019, Valdelagrana (Tadeo))
BrigAndCo (18/04/2019, Les Ayvelles USLAV)
Got_29 (18/04/2019, Le Morne lagoon)
Ace (16/04/2019, Pornichet)
BrigAndCo (15/04/2019, Les Ayvelles USLAV)
CorSaro (15/04/2019, Téléski)
KSN (14/04/2019, La Dalle)
Seb Corsica (14/04/2019, La Tonnara)
jitter (14/04/2019, Aérodrome)
Protec films (14/04/2019, Toulindac)
Patrickite (13/04/2019, La Loteta Sur)
Narbo (13/04/2019, La Vieille Nouvelle)
Kouby (13/04/2019, Port-la-Nouvelle (Nord))
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loopyloop13, Homerdusud are challenged by 10 riders
ben-tz, wisu, Charles, remi94, BAD are challenged by 7 riders
Seb Corsica, JR29, Averell Dalton, Yoda, Joe Dalton, Fred508, [private], William Dalton, Boloss de TZ, jmd11 are challenged by 6 riders
[private], vento29, yanns, butch, TropFlex, nando bdn, Fer, Lio, paulo56, F654 are challenged by 4 riders
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