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Watamu Beach
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[Plouboy] - 05/07/2016
Watamu Beach is 5km of powder white sand and we are blessed with crystal blue warm water all year round. What really makes this location special is the reef that sits approximately ½km off the beach which protects the whole bay giving you a flat water riding experience. When the summer swells kick in you get fantastic waves (2-3m). To top it all off there are a number of large sandbars that are ideal to learn to kitesurf from as well as creating that butter smooth flat water that freestyle kitesurfers are always seeking.
There are two windy seasons in Watamu; November – April and June – September. They are both trade winds and are named the Kaskhazi and the Kuzi. Both these winds blow cross-onshore making it ideal for learning.
The Kaskhazi (November – April): During this season we have warm winds coming from the N-NE that range from 18-25 knts. Your chosen kite sizes would be a 9m and a 12m which you would get equal use of.
The Kuzi (June – September): This season is a little cooler but there is still no need for a wetsuit. These cooler winds have a little more power to them with wind speeds ranging up to 30knts. As a result a smaller kite is recommended.
Best Kite schoocl and gear rental shop of the area: 
http://www.tribe-watersports.com/; https://www.facebook.com/TribeWatersports/?fref=ts
Ben, the owner is really cool and profetionnal and will be able to advise you according to your level.
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