The last registered MWS sessions...
01/04/2020 - Swe-6972 has sailed at Björlanda Kile
31/03/2020 - [private]
30/03/2020 - Rafawind has sailed at Pirates Bay
30/03/2020 - [private]
29/03/2020 - [private]
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Damienbouyer is registered since 05/03/2020
laurentfoil, Alain E are registered since 03/03/2020
ted77 is registered since 01/03/2020
florianopolis is registered since 28/02/2020
JasonCem is registered since 27/02/2020
The last events on MWS
26/03/2020 - tutu has modified the spot Kochelsee (Germany, Bavière, Kochel Am See)
21/03/2020 - [private] has modified the spot Surfstrand (Germany, Basse-Saxe, Mardorf)
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The last pictures of sessions...
.mickael. (16/03/2020, Saint-Jacut)
drope (16/03/2020, Carro)
zerointeractive (15/03/2020, Brouwersdam)
Kouby (15/03/2020, La Pointe-aux-Oies)
Protec films (15/03/2020, Le Dreven)
Patrickite (14/03/2020, La Loteta Sur)
Protec films (14/03/2020, Le Dreven)
Zorste (14/03/2020, La Vieille Nouvelle)
Boulischou (12/03/2020, Kerhillio)
Kkite (12/03/2020, Kerhillio)
Protec films (12/03/2020, Le Dreven)
Kkite (11/03/2020, Les Crevettes)
Francois276 (08/03/2020, Lery-Poses)
.mickael. (08/03/2020, Le Palandrin)
.mickael. (08/03/2020, Le Palandrin)
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Homerdusud is challenged by 11 riders
Loopyloop13 is challenged by 10 riders
[private], Joe Dalton, Fred508, Guillaupe, Lio, William Dalton, pti-ju, Boloss de TZ, jmd11, Mac are challenged by 6 riders
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