The last registered MWS sessions...
16/01/2019 - paulo56, Exocet56, Loic2556 have sailed at Saint-Colomban
16/01/2019 - Gilles has sailed at Saint-Suliac
16/01/2019 - Protec films has sailed at Le Dreven
16/01/2019 - [private] has sailed at Le Veillon
16/01/2019 - [private] has sailed at Sauveterre
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andrevideira, skiling-939 are registered since 14/01/2019
Alchimiste is registered since 12/01/2019
Maximaxski, XWav, 3rid, Jbx3872, Benbo, carve85, ben1973 are registered since 10/01/2019
arno.2.20, larchi135, skplso are registered since 09/01/2019
babar86300 is registered since 07/01/2019
The last events on MWS
14/01/2019 - XWav now follows the spot Aviron Club (France, Haute-Savoie, Sévrier)
12/01/2019 - Francois276 added a photo for the spot Lery-Poses (France, Eure, Val-de-Reuil)
10/01/2019 - XWav now follows the spot La Pointe (France, Haute-Savoie, Messery)
10/01/2019 - XWav now follows the spot Messery (France, Savoie)
10/01/2019 - Coiff has completed his profile
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The last pictures of sessions...
Yoda (14/01/2019, Le Morne)
jeff17 (13/01/2019, La Perroche)
Yoda (13/01/2019, Le Morne)
Francois276 (13/01/2019, Lery-Poses)
Lumumba (13/01/2019, Piane di Ragnolo)
drope (13/01/2019, Carro)
Got_29 (13/01/2019, Fort-Bloqué)
Patrickite (13/01/2019, La Loteta Sur)
jeeve (13/01/2019, Vaires-sur-Marne)
annie (13/01/2019, Coudalère)
Ludovic (12/01/2019, Stella Plage)
Kouby (12/01/2019, Baie de la Canche)
Chri66 (12/01/2019, Parc à Huîtres)
Benelli (12/01/2019, Cortadura)
Patrickite (12/01/2019, La Loteta Sur)
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loopyloop13, Homerdusud are challenged by 10 riders
wisu, remi94, ben-tz, Charles, BAD are challenged by 7 riders
JR29, Yoda, [private], Seb Corsica, Averell Dalton, Joe Dalton, William Dalton, Fred508, Boloss de TZ, jmd11 are challenged by 6 riders
Lumumba, julien35, vento29, TropFlex, nando bdn, refutribor, [private], soto, butch, yanns are challenged by 4 riders
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