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The last registered MWS sessions...
the 27/03/2015 - chtilaurent has sailed at Rupionu
the 27/03/2015 - ben-ben34 has sailed at Plage Sud
the 27/03/2015 - Pascal has sailed at La Madrague
the 26/03/2015 - THC has sailed at El Médano
the 26/03/2015 - Enrikem has sailed at Gava Flowwatersports (La Murtra)
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Number of days sailed on the last 12 months...
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The last registered MWS riders...
cbarras, leff34 are registered since 26/03/2015
didine1607 is registered since 24/03/2015
Cloz is registered since 23/03/2015
w1711eric, Denver, Jerome62 are registered since 22/03/2015
thibfou, françois are registered since 21/03/2015
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The last pictures of sessions...
windtete (26/03/2015, Pozo Izquierdo)
annie (26/03/2015, Coudalère)
annie (25/03/2015, Coudalère)
windtete (24/03/2015, Pozo Izquierdo)
JuanP (24/03/2015, Esteiro)
JuanP (22/03/2015, La Catia)
jmv (22/03/2015, Lery-Poses)
Patrickite (22/03/2015, La Loteta Sur)
gregboulnaish (22/03/2015, Le Galon d'Or)
Nefastus (22/03/2015, El Cartel)
pascal56 (21/03/2015, Kerhilio)
Hugo-FRA1300 (21/03/2015, La Rade)
zerviou (21/03/2015, La Rade)
Gwenfromwest (21/03/2015, Goulien)
jmv (21/03/2015, Lery-Poses)
The fastest MWS riders on the last 12 months...
Lacasito (48.80 kts)
Mechouille (47.93 kts)
Alcatraz (46.44 kts)
Lumumba (46.00 kts)
Jmd11 (45.71 kts)
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The last events on MWS
27/03/2015 - Enrikem now follows the spot Gava Flowwatersports (La Murtra) (Spain, Barcelona, Gava)
27/03/2015 - Enrikem added the spot Gava Flowwatersports (La Murtra) (Spain, Barcelona, Gava)
25/03/2015 - Kouby challenges now Scalpa197
24/03/2015 - Mac challenges now didine1607
24/03/2015 - Loopyloop13 launched a wind alert for Pointe-Rouge (France, Bouches-du-Rhône, Marseille)
The windiest MWS spots on the last 12 months (>15knts)...
Los Charcos (Spain, Lanzarote, Costa Teguise) - 94 days
Saint-Colomban (France, Morbihan, Carnac) - 93 days
Fromentine (France, Vendée) - 90 days
L'Ermitage (France, Loire-Atlantique, Saint-Brévin) - 87 days
La Madrague (France, Var, Hyères) - 86 days
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The most challenged MWS riders...
Homerdusud is challenged by 12 riders
Loopyloop13 is challenged by 11 riders
Bad, mechouille are challenged by 9 riders
Willow is challenged by 8 riders
wisu, OLY, remi94, Averell Dalton, jmd11, rasta are challenged by 7 riders
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