The last registered MWS sessions...
13/11/2018 - [private], Xav76, Santi have sailed at Antifer
13/11/2018 - [private] has sailed at Walney Island
13/11/2018 - pierre74, Manu have sailed at Saint-Michel
13/11/2018 - Ced83 has sailed at La Beaumette
13/11/2018 - [private] has sailed at Les Gouillauds
The last registered MWS riders...
jm2 is registered since 13/11/2018
elino is registered since 09/11/2018
Warhog76 is registered since 29/10/2018
tahfiet is registered since 22/10/2018
[private] is registered since 15/10/2018
The last events on MWS
14/11/2018 - jl4429 challenges now jm2
14/11/2018 - wisu challenges now jm2
14/11/2018 - jm2 added a photo on his/her profile
14/11/2018 - jm2 challenges now wisu
14/11/2018 - jm2 challenges now AntoineS
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The last pictures of sessions...
annie (12/11/2018, Saint-Cyprien)
Patrickite (11/11/2018, La Loteta Sur)
Francois276 (11/11/2018, Lery-Poses)
Ludovic (11/11/2018, Stella Plage)
Kouby (11/11/2018, La Pointe-aux-Oies)
jm2 (10/11/2018, Tharon)
Pierreafond (10/11/2018, Étang de Thau)
Patrickite (10/11/2018, La Loteta Norte)
annie (09/11/2018, Coudalère)
Roberto_esp41 (09/11/2018, Caños de Meca)
Matthieu  Nausicaa (08/11/2018, Baie de Sallenelles)
annie (08/11/2018, Saint-Cyprien)
sput (07/11/2018, Goas Treiz)
Ludovic (07/11/2018, Stella Plage)
mikebzh44 (07/11/2018, Fromentine)
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The most challenged MWS riders...
loopyloop13, Homerdusud are challenged by 10 riders
wisu, ben-tz, remi94, Charles, BAD are challenged by 7 riders
Averell Dalton, JR29, Joe Dalton, Yoda, [private], Seb Corsica, William Dalton, Fred508, Boloss de TZ, jmd11 are challenged by 6 riders
[private], Lumumba, nando bdn, laulau44, refutribor, butch, TropFlex, vento29, soto, Lio are challenged by 4 riders
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