The last registered MWS sessions...
15/07/2018 - Jeanmi has sailed at L'Almanarre
15/07/2018 - Alexandre has sailed at Roses
15/07/2018 - Yoda, Lio have sailed at Corse-Azur
15/07/2018 - meteo has sailed at Playa Honda
15/07/2018 - Déric has sailed at Saint-Adresse
The last registered MWS riders...
Samvals is registered since 27/06/2018
Bisounours is registered since 21/06/2018
[private] is registered since 17/06/2018
batiom is registered since 06/06/2018
funboy78 is registered since 29/05/2018
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The last pictures of sessions...
Kouby (14/07/2018, Hardelot)
Ben2002neb (12/07/2018, Trousse-Chemise)
gb (12/07/2018, Saint-Suliac)
Seb Corsica (10/07/2018, Corse-Azur)
annie (10/07/2018, Coudalère)
Yoda (10/07/2018, Corse-Azur)
Lumumba (09/07/2018, Spiaggia 151)
Seb Corsica (06/07/2018, Tahiti Plage)
Nisiof (06/07/2018, Le Goulet)
Mathieu8586 (06/07/2018, Le Mourillon)
annie (06/07/2018, Port-la-Nouvelle (Nord))
annie (05/07/2018, Coudalère)
annie (04/07/2018, Saint-Cyprien)
Yoda (04/07/2018, Corse-Azur)
arnal (03/07/2018, Pounda)
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The most challenged MWS riders...
loopyloop13, Homerdusud are challenged by 10 riders
remi94, Seb Corsica, Charles, ben-tz, BAD, mechouille are challenged by 7 riders
Lio, Lumumba, vento29, [private], TropFlex, soto, refutribor, F654, laulau44, Fer are challenged by 4 riders
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