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The last registered MWS sessions...
27/03/2017 - meteo has sailed at Playa Honda
27/03/2017 - EDU_ESP22 has sailed at Pantin
27/03/2017 - [private] has sailed at Les Sables d'Olonne
27/03/2017 - Andresin
27/03/2017 - Kkite has sailed at Kerhilio
The last registered MWS riders...
[private] is registered since 25/03/2017
Jean-Luc29 is registered since 24/03/2017
[private] is registered since 23/03/2017
elr is registered since 20/03/2017
YannLDLC is registered since 17/03/2017
The last events on MWS
27/03/2017 - SamBzh challenges now yvo
27/03/2017 - geotic added a photo on his/her profile
26/03/2017 - jefw now follows the spot Tabarka (France, Hérault, Marseillan)
26/03/2017 - jefw added the spot Tabarka (France, Hérault, Marseillan)
26/03/2017 - tib14 now follows the spot Luc-sur-Mer (France, Calvados)
MWS riders profile...
The last pictures of sessions...
EDU_ESP22 (27/03/2017, Pantin)
annie (27/03/2017, Saint-Cyprien)
Patrickite (26/03/2017, La Loteta Norte)
rubio (26/03/2017, Isla Plana)
remi94 (25/03/2017, Vauville)
Ace (25/03/2017, Les Sables Blancs)
Ludovic (25/03/2017, Stella Plage)
bldt (25/03/2017, Merville-Franceville)
Greg86 (25/03/2017, Lac de Saint-Cyr)
ridezebigone (25/03/2017, Le Cap d'Agde)
jeff17 (25/03/2017, Ile d'Oléron - Gautrelle)
Chris86 (25/03/2017, Lac de Saint-Cyr)
annie (25/03/2017, Coudalère)
EDU_ESP22 (24/03/2017, Fuentes de Invierno)
jecoq (24/03/2017, Saint-Aygulf)
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The most challenged MWS riders...
Homerdusud is challenged by 11 riders
Loopyloop13 is challenged by 10 riders
remi94, wisu, JR29, ben-tz, BAD, Averell Dalton, mechouille, Willow are challenged by 7 riders
yanns, paulo56, grutier35, [private], laulau44, Guillaupe, Enrikem, Yoda, Swell, vassily are challenged by 5 riders
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