The last registered MWS sessions...
23/05/2018 - [private] has sailed at Sauveterre
22/05/2018 - paulo56, Exocet56 have sailed at Saint-Colomban
22/05/2018 - [private] has sailed at Étang du Boulet
22/05/2018 - Patrickite has sailed at La Loteta Sur
22/05/2018 - Ray, monsieurtoff have sailed at Le Pointeau
The last registered MWS riders...
[private] is registered since 16/05/2018
Jlind is registered since 15/05/2018
Déric is registered since 14/05/2018
Alizeo63 is registered since 02/05/2018
Ben2002neb is registered since 25/04/2018
The last events on MWS
21/05/2018 - winner86 has recorded his location
18/05/2018 - Ben2002neb now follows the spot Walhain (Belgium)
18/05/2018 - Ben2002neb added the spot Walhain (Belgium)
15/05/2018 - mousteir now follows the spot Gored (France, Finistère, Plozévet)
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The last pictures of sessions...
Gilles (22/05/2018, Saint-Suliac)
annie (22/05/2018, Les Coussoules)
marc.lacoste (21/05/2018, La Palue)
Francois276 (20/05/2018, Antifer)
Yoda (20/05/2018, Corse-Azur)
annie (19/05/2018, Les Coussoules)
Xav76 (18/05/2018, Saint-Adresse)
gb (18/05/2018, Saint-Suliac)
SamBzh (18/05/2018, Saint-Suliac)
jefw (18/05/2018, 3 digues)
Seb Corsica (18/05/2018, Corse-Azur)
Yoda (18/05/2018, Corse-Azur)
SamBzh (17/05/2018, Dinard)
annie (17/05/2018, Les Coussoules)
Francois276 (16/05/2018, Lery-Poses)
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loopyloop13, Homerdusud are challenged by 10 riders
Seb Corsica, Charles, remi94, BAD, ben-tz are challenged by 7 riders
vento29, soto, Lumumba, Lio, laulau44, [private], refutribor, TropFlex, F654, butch are challenged by 4 riders
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