The last registered MWS sessions...
16/10/2017 - [private], nbossard have sailed at Saint-Suliac
16/10/2017 - Nefastus has sailed at Playita de Atrás
16/10/2017 - Alexbteam has sailed at Lery-Poses
16/10/2017 - Benito29 has sailed at Cale de Poss'Du
16/10/2017 - neric has sailed at Baie de Bonne Anse
The last registered MWS riders...
lefan44 is registered since 13/10/2017
fred 1802 is registered since 08/10/2017
[private] is registered since 05/10/2017
Davidwind, gwen are registered since 04/10/2017
Bielas is registered since 03/10/2017
The last events on MWS
16/10/2017 - Clem14 now follows the spot De Silva (Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya)
16/10/2017 - Clem14 added the spot De Silva (Sri Lanka, Kalpitiya)
15/10/2017 - JVR now follows the spot El Prat de Llobregat (Spain, Barcelona)
15/10/2017 - Davidwind has completed his profile
15/10/2017 - Davidwind added a photo on his/her profile
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The last pictures of sessions...
Ace (16/10/2017, Pornichet)
Patrickite (15/10/2017, La Loteta Norte)
Narbo (15/10/2017, La Ganguise)
annie (15/10/2017, Saint-Cyprien)
Davidwind (15/10/2017, Cap Salou)
Roberto_esp41 (15/10/2017, Los Narejos)
jefw (15/10/2017, 3 digues)
marc.lacoste (14/10/2017, Apcheu)
Patrickite (14/10/2017, Mequinenza)
Roberto_esp41 (14/10/2017, Los Narejos)
Patrickite (13/10/2017, Perellonet Kitezone)
Narbo (08/10/2017, La Vieille Nouvelle)
annie (08/10/2017, Les Coussoules)
Patrickite (08/10/2017, La Loteta Sur)
Ramoutchow (07/10/2017, La Petite Mer)
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Loopyloop13, Homerdusud are challenged by 10 riders
Charles, ben-tz, remi94, Seb Corsica, BAD are challenged by 7 riders
F654, vento29, julien35, soto, Lumumba, Lio, refutribor, TropFlex, yanns, [private] are challenged by 4 riders
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