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The last registered MWS sessions...
21/02/2017 - Kouby has sailed at La Franqui
21/02/2017 - Roberto_esp41 has sailed at Cortadura
21/02/2017 - Seb Corsica has sailed at Vars
21/02/2017 - zigounette atomique has sailed at Port de Bouc
21/02/2017 - Zorste has sailed at La Vieille Nouvelle
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The last registered MWS riders...
CorentinLH is registered since 20/02/2017
[private] is registered since 16/02/2017
Windsurferin1 is registered since 03/02/2017
lol29 is registered since 01/02/2017
[private], oursblanc are registered since 27/01/2017
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The last pictures of sessions...
Kouby (21/02/2017, La Franqui)
Yoda (20/02/2017, ---)
TOM50 (18/02/2017, Kersiguennou)
Nefastus (18/02/2017, Los Charcos)
Seb Corsica (18/02/2017, Vars)
tanggg (14/02/2017, La Badine)
jecoq (13/02/2017, Saint-Aygulf)
Dal (13/02/2017, Le Prado)
Ludovic (13/02/2017, Baie de la Canche)
Seb Corsica (12/02/2017, Tahiti Plage)
Got_29 (12/02/2017, L'Almanarre)
jecoq (12/02/2017, Saint-Aygulf)
Got_29 (11/02/2017, Le Mourillon)
Clem14 (10/02/2017, Collignon)
annie (10/02/2017, Barcarès)
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20/02/2017 - Thomtypen added a photo on his/her profile
20/02/2017 - CorentinLH now follows the spot Trouville-sur-Mer (France, Calvados)
20/02/2017 - CorentinLH now follows the spot Antifer (France, Seine-Maritime)
20/02/2017 - CorentinLH now follows the spot Pennedepie (France, Calvados)
20/02/2017 - CorentinLH now follows the spot Le Croquet (France, Seine-Maritime, Octeville-sur-Mer)
The windiest MWS spots on the last 12 months (>15knts)...
La Madrague (France, Var, Hyères) - 115 days
La Catia (Spain, La Coruña, Riveira) - 107 days
L'Almanarre (France, Var, Hyères) - 100 days
La Vieille Nouvelle (France, Aude, Gruissan) - 99 days
La Nautique (France, Aude, Narbonne) - 87 days
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The most challenged MWS riders...
Homerdusud is challenged by 11 riders
Loopyloop13 is challenged by 9 riders
remi94, wisu, ben-tz, BAD, Averell Dalton, mechouille, Willow are challenged by 7 riders
Seb Corsica, chtilaurent, Charles, Vador2a, jmd11, JR29, Joe Dalton, Fred508, pti-ju, William Dalton are challenged by 6 riders
Yoda, laulau44, [private], Swell, Enrikem, Guillaupe, yanns, grutier35, vassily, Phideco are challenged by 5 riders
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